We are a producers and multiple services cooperative.  We cultivate, produce and market high quality coffee.  We also offer services such as: supermarket, gas station, automotive center, mini market and liquor store, cooperative insurance office, agricultural supply store and coffee processing plant.

COOPEATENAS turns financial wealth into social wealth.  Our main objective is to improve the life quality of our employees, our partners and the community by respecting values, cooperative principles and the environment into the management of our cooperative.

We are shared progress!  With your preference you contribute to a solidary and inclusive distribution that positively impacts the life of our more than 1300 coffee farming associates, their families and the community of Atenas.

Originally, Atenas’ coffee was processed and marketed by foreign coffee farmers, who imposed their little-beneficial commercial terms.  This caused a growing awareness about limitations to increase life quality by individual efforts in Atenas’ coffee farmers, which resulted in the importance of an organization outside their property.

In the fifties, Atenas had only one very limited coffee processing plant, which didn’t count with cutting-edge technology.

One of the managers of Atenas bringing cooperative examples to farmers was Priest Luis Villegas.  He embodies a pushing leader beyond his appearance.  He advised the farmers in his parish to start a project that needed a visionary and optimistic attitude.

That’s how coffee farmers became aware of their critical situation due to the current private coffee processing farmers.  So, in December 1968 they made the decision to start the central committee of organization for the new cooperative, consisting of: President Leónidas López Guzmán, Vice president Javier Rojas Ruiz, Secretary Adrián Prado Jenkins, Treasurer José Carlos Vargas Morera, Member Norberto Vargas Hernández, Víctor Julio Campos Barrantes, Daniel Rodríguez Castro, Ramón Ávila Vega and Coordinator Priest Luis Villegas Muñoz.

On August 10th, 1969, after the committee’s hard work, they decided to found COOPEATENAS alongside Priest Luis Villegas, promotor of the cooperative movement, and 96 visionary coffee producers.  They joined their efforts and decided to cultivate, industrialize and market their coffee through a cooperative organization.  Since then, COOPEATENAS forged its way in Atenas, district of Alajuela, Costa Rica, a beautiful land famous for having “the best weather in the world”, which is a great attractive for thousands of national and international visitors each year.  It houses the famous “Toronjas Rellenas” (grapefruit with filling) and the Río Grande train station, a staging and transit road from the beginning of the XIX century.


Cooperatives are a social economic movement that harmonizes human interests by getting help and collaboration of others for a common good.

Cooperatives base their work in values and cooperative principles.

Cooperative Principles

  1. Open, voluntary membership.
  2. Democratic control of associates.
  3. Economic member participation.
  4. Autonomy and independence.
  5. Education.
  6. Training and information.
  7. Cooperation between cooperatives.
  8. Commitment with the community.

Cooperative Values

  1. Mutual help. 
  2. Responsibility.
  3. Democracy.
  4. Equality.
  5. Equity.
  6. Solidarity.
  7. Honesty.
  8. Transparency.
  9. Social Responsibility.
  10. Concern for others.

“COOPEATENAS R.L. is a multiple services cooperative, industrial farming organization dedicated to the economic and social development of their associates, employees and the community in general through the production and industrialization of coffee and other agricultural products in harmony with the environment, direct marketing with the clients and a stable supply of quality products”


“COOPEATENAS R.L. will be the economic and social promoting, fundamental and supporting organization working in harmony with nature, producing and marketing competitive goods and services for national and international markets through constant innovation and the best interest of their members’ wellbeing.”

Our Producers

COOPEATENAS is formed by over 1300 coffee producing associates, who enjoy the benefits of being part of a cooperative. Our associates characterize for their vision, solidarity, tenacity and love for coffee nobility..