Our associates enjoy a great variety of benefits that improve their life quality:

The associated producer will count with the support of Agricultural Engineers to obtain the best techniques to grow coffee, maximize the agricultural practices and plague control and the proper use of agricultural inputs.

The associates can buy top quality coffee nursery and organic compost made from coffee waste, at the best prices.

This kind of credit supports the associates regarding the coffee plantations.

It is a method that allows the associates get credit for coffee plantations support.  50% of the money is given in cash, while the other 50% can be used in the cooperative supply store.

Final coffee settlement depending on the financial availability and coffee delivery.

Up to 50% of the social fund can be granted in cash or credit in the supply store and automotive center as long as the associate has no debt and is active.

Associates can get loans from their cooperative for working funds and investment projects at a competitive interest rate.

Our associates and their families get surpluses each December, which is a cash back program in their purchases in the cooperative.  The surpluses are proportional to the services being used.

Economic benefit for the deceased’s family (associate or deceased person) or the beneficiary to aide with funeral expenses.

The associate can count with a life insurance policy for his or her family in case of death.

The cooperative offers education and training for their associates in different areas to allow them to contribute effectively to the progress of coffee farmers and the cooperative itself.

3% saving over each coffee payment.  In case of death, it is given to a designated beneficiary by the cooperative.  In case of resignation, such fund gets returned.

this committee supports education and creates and enforces plans to directly help associates and their families.