COOPEATENAS’ coffee is 100% pure Arabic coffee, planted and harvested in Atenas, Costa Rica.  It is planted between 900 and 1300 meters above sea level.  Atenas is a fertile ground area located in the occidental valley of the country, known for having “the best weather in the world” and for being one of the best coffee producing areas.

The characteristics of the privileged weather conditions of the region, the careful bean selection made by the producers and the proper farm assistance and quality control, along with the enforcement of international certifications, have allowed us to offer the world a cup of Costa Rican coffee with high quality organoleptic characteristics, such as perfect aroma, body and acidity.

85% of COOPEATENAS’s coffee is successfully exported, which brings great payment differences for our coffee in the main markets of the world.  COOPEATENAS directly exports coffee to United States, England, Italy, Canada, and Taiwan.  The top buying countries for our coffee are United States, Canada and England.