La Villa is an excellent 100% pure medium roast coffee, cultivated under the best weather and sun in Atenas, in the western region of Costa Rica.  La Villa is cultivated by small and medium producers in heights around 1200 meters above sea level, which guarantees an exquisite cup of coffee with a perfect balance between acidity, body and aroma.

Ateneo is an exquisite gourmet coffee, cultivated in the high lands of Atenas, in the Western Valley of Costa Rica, one of the best coffee producing regions in the country.  This excellent medium roast coffee offers a caramel-like taste and a light chocolate aroma.  You will enjoy every sip.

Villa Diamante is an exceptional gourmet coffee form the high lands of Atenas, “best weather in the world”.  Villa Diamante offers and exquisite taste with a delicate acidity and body that will delight your palate.

Café Villa Real is a 100% pure, dark roast coffee that highlights the coffee’s body for those who enjoy a strong taste and a distinctive dark color.