Donations to coffee farming communities

COOPEATENAS has a fund destined to the maintenance of coffee farming communities’ roads.   Our objective is to enable the progress and transportation of products and the people.  We also aide in community development issues such as education, health, sports and others.

Donations to Community Serving Institutes

COOPEATENAS helps the great job done by Institutions serving our community: Pain Management Clinic, Police, Costa Rican Red Cross, Home for the Eldery Hogar de Vida, schools and others.

Cash Back by Surpluses to our Associates

1300 associates and their families get surpluses or cash back in our cooperative, which are proportional to the use of services being used by them.

Economic Support to Coffee Producing Associates

COOPEATENAS economically supports producers with credit and inputs so they can timely care for their plantations.

Education Agreements

Technical computer and English courses are taught in the facilities of our Cooperative due to an agreement with the national learning institute, Instituto Nacional de Aprendizaje.  We also work with the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, the learning center Centro de Estudios y Capacitación Cooperativa R.L., and the Costa Rican coffee institute, Instituto del Café de Costa Rica, as well as other institutions to offer trainings to our coffee producing associates, partners and the community.

Stable Quality Job Source

Over 170 direct employees work at COOPEATENAS.  Indirect jobs also rise from the economic activities of our Cooperative.

Cash Back Plan for Education Centers in Atenas

COOPEATENAS’ Education and Social Welfare Committee budget includes a “cash back plan for education centers in Atenas” which consists on a solidary 1.5% bonus over purchases made by public education centers in Atenas.  This bonus aides in the integral development of the education in the community.  We support all public schools and high schools in the district where most of our associates children or grandchildren attend.

Promoting Local Consumption, Associates Support and Atenas’ producers

La COOPE Supermarket offers fresh quality products grown by the people in Atenas.  Some of these products include: hydroponic lettuce, parsley, chives, tomatoes, limes, plantains, oranges, squash, Itabo flower and others.