We are a cooperative committed to the environment.  We pride in having certifications that guarantee all of our high quality coffee production and marketing processes to be respectful to the environment.

We also work on initiatives directed to an equitable and sustainable development that look to protect the environment and to generate a positive impact in the lives of our current and future generations.

COOPEATENAS commercializes their products responsibly.  We count with three international certifications that guarantee our customers that the economic activities being held by our cooperative are respectful to the environment and offer a better treatment to producers and employees, allowing them to have better life quality.


COOPEATENAS has had the Fair Trade certification since 2006.  Fair Trade represents a commerce alternative based in cooperation between producers and customers.  Fair Trade offers the producers fair treatment and more advantages regarding commercial conditions in a sustainable production system that cares for the environment.


COOPEATENAS has had the C.A.F.E. certification since 2005.  This program or certification insures that the coffee provided to Starbucks has been harvested and processed in a sustainable manner, by assessing different economic, social and environmental aspects related to coffee production.  To keep the validity of this certification, our cooperative must be submitted to constant consultancy processes.  They assess the fulfillment of the demanded standards and the compromise to the ongoing improvement of environmental and social aspects.

With this program, the consumer is guaranteed to enjoy a coffee that was produced with techniques that protect the integrity of the producers and their families through “good agricultural practices” in a respectful manner.

IOS 14001

Our coffee producing plant has been certified with the Environmental Management System INTE-ISO 14001 since 2001.  This is an internationally renowned tool that watches over environmental aspects of the organization, assessing legal requirements that the organization is subjected to.  It also enforces environmental performance criteria.

This environmental management system identifies meaningful environmental aspects, such as water treatment and discharge process, wood consumption, emissions control, energetic saving and special and recoverable waste handling with a strict control to avoid negative impact on the environment.

Waste Management

In 2014 COOPEATENAS built a collecting center to properly handle recoverable waste from all the organization.  In early 2015 an integral solid waste management program began.  It covered all commercial areas, main offices and the coffee producing plant.  This program’s objective is to advertise our special and recoverable waste management system.


As a part of a progress, equity and sustainable development effort, COOPEATENAS agreed to create an economic reserve to purchase lands in the high regions of Atenas to protect rising waters in the district.

Our commitment to care for our planet drives us to implement initiatives that allow us to improve our processes in order to benefit the environment.  That is why we decided to launch the campaign: “Together we can contribute to a cleaner planet”, oriented to promote the use of reusable bags and reduce the pollution produced by plastic bags in the planet.  This gives our collaborators, associates and customers the opportunity to join our effort to care for the planet by reducing the use of plastic bags and choosing reusable bags to carry their groceries.

Currently, the bags are sold in the supermarket at a good price.  There is a campaign that allows customers that use reusable bags to participate in a raffle for a buying order in our supermarket, mini market and liquor store.

These initiatives join the first effort enforced in 2012 to offer oxo-biodegradable packing bags.  These bags have a special additive that allows the bag to totally and safely degrade in just 24 months.

On the Way to Carbon Neutrality

El Diamante coffee production plant has joined the NAMA Coffee project that looks to reduce CO2 emissions in the environment.  We are in the process to elaborate and quantify the carbon mark according to the ISO-14064-1 regulation as a fundamental step and challenge to adaptation and mitigation of climate change.

Cambio climático

Fighting climate change is COOPEATENAS’ main objective.   It joins our environmental protection initiatives to minimize the effects of climate change in our farms to guarantee the sustainable high quality coffee supply in time.

Coffee Plantation Geo Reference Project

With this project we look to update the associate producing’s coffee area using a geographic information system implemented by INFOCOOP and UCR to provide a precision agriculture that improves and increases the competitiveness and wellbeing of the producers.  This instrument helps maximize the producers’ resources in that it allows them to control aspects like agrochemicals, fertilizers and nutrients required by the land in a more efficient way, so that the productivity and quality of the plants increase and the costs are reduced and the environment is protected.