Live with us the experience behind a delicious cup of coffee. Learn, along with our experts, how we process and roast coffee from our producer´s farms, in harmony with the environment, and how COOPEATENAS benefits more than 1300 producers, their families, and the community.

Atenas is a charming little town located in the Occidental Valley of the country. It is recognized for having the “best climate in the world” and incredible views, and for being one of the production areas with the best coffee crops in the country.

The characteristics offered by the privileged climate of the zone, the careful selection of the beans by our producers and a rigorous quality control, in compliance with international certifications, allows us to offer the best Costa Rican coffee to the entire world; from the best climate in the world.

  1. Vast green areas, colorful gardens and typical murals.
  2. A tour of our sustainable coffee seedbed.
  3. A tour of our ISO 14001 Certified mill and coffee roasting facilities.
  4. Demonstration and cupping of our delicious coffee.
  5. A summary of the inspiring history of our Cooperative and about the coffee culture in Costa Rica.
  6. Tasting of our delicious coffee.

We offer guided tours for families, students, and corporations.



Discover the shared development behind our coffee and how it positively impacts the quality of life of our producers, their families, and the community.

Learn how we can all win with Fair Trade, be a part of the change for a better world!


Learn about our initiatives, geared towards protecting the environment and generating a positive impact in the lives of current and future generations: Treatment pond, water protection, climate change, waste management and agricultural practices, and ISO 14001environmental certifications, C.A.F.E.

Barrio Mercedes in Atenas, Alajuela, Costa Rica.

Only 45 minutes from International Airport Juan Santamaría and only 15 minutes from downtown Atenas.

Reservations required.

Telephone: 506 2446-5141/506 2446-8021

Fax: 506 2446-5261